Saturday, September 18, 2010

For Bibba ;)

Most of you who follow me on Facebook have seen these pics, but if you don't, then you are in for a treat!! My sweet Sethers is now an official soccer star :) But, REALLY, this post is for my sweet grandma, Bibba, who wanted to see pictures of sweet Sethers playing soccer :) She is, obviously, the only one who has been successful at bringing me out of a very long blog hiatus!!! Love you Bibba!!

ready for the BIG GAME!! Isn't he precious ;)

about to get the ball and head for the goal....

goal in site...about to score...regardless of the huge mass of soccer feet in front of the ball!!

GOAL!!! First one ever in a real game!!!

celebrating ;)

team huddle

headed toward goal again...

go Seth, GO!!

Scored right after this ;)

happy boy!

Team pic

Seth and daddy

my little brother Cade, Seth, and his great friend Cullen

Seth, Aiden (not mine ;) another one), and Cullen

Seth and Gimma

Seth and CeCe (my stepmom)

Ken Sheppard (one of Lakan's mentors), Seth, and Pan

And.....last but not least....Aidee-pie. Who cared more about the snowcone than the game! Ha!

Yummy snack & and satisfied soccer star :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Consistently Inconsistent

I have decided that there is ONE consistent quality about me, and it is..... that I am........... consistently INCONSISTENT!!! UGHGHGHGGGGHHH! It seems to have overtaken every aspect in my life, from cleaning to exercise to diet to spending time in the Word, etc., etc., etc.!!!! It drives me crazy, but it doesn't seem there is much I am doing to change it......maybe that should change!!?!? HA! Anyway, unfortunately that inconsistency means that my blogs are consistently 1-2 months apart!!! I would like to tell you that I am turning over a new leaf and that I will blog at least once a week, but I it probably won't happen.......because inconsistent!! :)

I have lots to report on since it's been 2 months!! We are all great and just gearing up for summer which is Micah's busiest time of year. We love that he is busy because it means he is getting to do what he loves: teach and lead worship for teens/pre-teens/adults! He is amazing at what he does and the Lord has certainly gifted him with an uncanny ability to help people "catch" what God says through His Word! The downside is that he is gone 5-6 weeks out of the summer :( The boys and I stay busy traveling to visit granparents and spend plenty of time at Micah's parents since they live in San Angelo, but we still miss daddy big time!!

Photography is going GREAT!! You can check out the latest sessions HERE.

Otherwise, here's what else we've been up to:

Date Night: My mom was here the weekend before her birthday, so the boys took her out on a date....


picking Mamo up for her date

walking her into the restaurant. Cafe Italia. Very tasty!!

This is my great friend Brittany's little girl. They joined us for dinner. I think she and Seth look like brother and sister!!!


the loot...

going after the good stuff

Leave no tree unturned...or is it rock....whatever :)

daddy and the boys (notice aiden being nerdy in the background)

close up of Aidee pulling his pants up high. he thinks it's hilarious!!

Aiden runnin on sugar and adrenaline....

playin a little "carrot bat" baseball

this was sethers in a sugar coma..

poor baby was TIRED!

He wouldn't even take a pic with me....not like him at all

but we got a good Sethers smile out of him!!

Aidee was more interested in his juice box

but I got a smile out of him too!!!

AND mostly, we have been LOVING our trampoline!!!

Super Heroes...UNITE!!

bouncing high

best buds :)

BTW- i took these last shots with my NEW Canon 50D camera! The detail difference is AMAZING!!! Don't you think??

sprinkler fun!!

I am sure there are about a hundred more pics I could share with you, but I suppose this will suffice for now :) Hopefully it won't be too long before my next post.......

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Cowboy & A Snowday

NOTE***if you follow me on Facebook, these pics are a repeat*** ;)

A week or two ago, Seth's pre-school had a little rodeo and it was absolutely just too cute!! Each class had practiced a grand entry, songs and, some "obstacle" courses! Seth's class was the "Cow Patty" race, in which they carried fake cow patty looking things in a litter box scooper around cones! It was pretty funny, to say the least :) Here are a few pics: (they are kinda out of order...sorry :} )

the cowboy & me

cutest cow hand in the west..

waiting so patiently for the "big race"

grand entry (riding a stick horse)

cow patty race (I apparently was a little late on the trigger, only got the backside)

We love the snow & biscuit donuts. See pics:



so much snow!!

super fun on the trampoline!!